ANDREWS, NELSON & ASSOCIATES provides a wide range of employment and related
services. Whether a client requires individualized executive search, a high-volume of
technically or professionally specific candidates, an overall reduction in cost-per-hire,
or just "extra" arms and legs, we can help.

With over 20 years experience in executive search and contract recruiting, we possess
the capability to perform against the most difficult technical or professional recruiting
assignments. Our overriding objective is to provide a level of service tailored to meet
the specific needs of our clients.

ANDREWS, NELSON & ASSOCIATES can be called on to deliver traditional or highly
specialized recruiting techniques:

  • Executive Search
  • Contract Recruitment
  • Direct Competitive Sourcing and Solicitation
  • Employment Training and Workshops
  • Direct Response Recruitment
  • Candidate Retrieval Systems
  • Proprietary Resource Development

We perform executive searches on an employer-retained basis of a percentage of a candidates
total annual cash compensation. Fees are charged in equal installments over a three-month
period beginning at the inception of each assignment. Contract recruiting assignments are
structured on a time-and-materials/per hour basis.

For additional information or a detailed proposal, please contact Deana St. John or Peter Andrews.

Andrews Nelson & Associates, Inc. 2003